New Adventure

Posted on March 4, 2012


It is official. The tickets are bought, and on May 25, I will be on a plane to Vietnam. I cannot wait, and although the reality hasn’t hit me yet, I have decided to start preparing.

What it Takes to Get There:
– A good planner. My mom has a tour guide that she uses over in Vietnam. She chooses safe restaurants to eat at, translates for us, and makes the schedule.
– A visit to the doctor. I had to make an appointment get make sure I had the right shots. I was also given some advice at what to bring. (Current packing list down below)
– Money. Plane tickets to Asia are no joke, around now, they are about $1400 round trip. Talk about pricey. In this economy, sooner or later the top 1% will be the only ones enjoying the luxury of travel.


I have started my homework on Vietnam starting with the weather, and so far, I do not like what I see. reports that we will be traveling during summer monsoon season. This means hot sticky humid weather. I can feel the grossness already. Upon further inspection, reports that the weather varies in each part of the country. Particularly in Hue, it will average 92-94 degrees while I am there. Hot weather, here I come.

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