Day 26 – Xochimilco

Posted on June 30, 2011


Today was terribly rainy. All day. It sucked. Not just because it rained all day, but because in Mexico, rainy season usually just means a few hours of rain and then everything stops and gets lovely again. Of course, today of all days when we were going to be doing a lot of outdoorsy things, it rained and rained and rained.

Of course that did not stop us from our activities, so on we went. First stop being the Dolores Olmedo Museum. Who was she? A disgustingly wealthy woman who turned her hacienda into a museum. Anything she liked, she had. She is also well known for being the rival of Frida Kahlo especially in the matters of love. After Diego Rivera died, she received all of his and Frida’s possessions. You can see them hanging in the museum.

There are a lot of peacocks on the property and some ugly hairless dogs (which I didn’t get to see, boo!!).

They were everywhere, and I loved it! This was the first time I have ever seen a peacock up close. We all kind of agreed that it was funny how male animals looked better than the female animals, because it seems to be the opposite when it comes to humans. But that is besides the point. This museum is amazing. What is even more amazing, is that my history professor has met Dolores Olmedo (Not very surprising, screw Kevin Bacon, this is 6 degrees of my history professor). Despite the rain, this was still a very beautiful place with a lot of historical art from Diego, Frida and ancient artifacts.

After, we went on trajineras (boats) that you can take along the canals, which are the only remains of the great lake that used to be Mexico City. You can rent these out cheaply and throw a party on the canal. I want to do that someday so badly, but that is besides the point. It is really awesome, and anyone coming to Mexico DF should pay a visit to this place.

My roommate is leaving tomorrow, so to send her off, we all went to a churreria right in La Condesa. It is cheap and amazingly delicious. Think about it, 4 churros for 2 bucks. That is amazing! Throw in a large margarita for 6 bucks or a mango smoothie for 3 and you have yourself a party! I went small and ordered a small plate of churros and a smoothie, but the other three ordered 5 plates of churros, 2 cheese quesadillas, 2 cookies and cream smoothies, a margarita and a diet coke. As I was explaining to the waiter, his eyes were bugging out of his head as I tried to withhold the laughter long enough to speak.

“Seis churros?”

“Si, seis, estoy seguro”

And we all died as he walked awak shaking his head probably thinking about how fat everyone was.


Imagine all of this with 2 quesadillas and a large margarita, yeah the waiters were all staring at us as we were laughing hysterically and taking pictures

There is also a very large dog in the establishment walking around named Churro, definitely worth it to walk in and visit him.











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