Day 25 – Taxco!

Posted on June 30, 2011


This week I officially finished my classes. I survived! I should be on that show, that or I Shouldn’t Be Alive. One of the two. Just kidding, it really wasn’t that bad… anyhow I am excited to be done with the studying, but not excited that I will be going home soon 😦 but I’m not ready yet!

To celebrate, I went out to eat with a couple friends. Lime soup, is AMAZING and so is the chocolate bar. Case in point, behold! Crepes in chocolate!

Today we took a trip to Taxco, a silver town in Mexico, good for us, it is pretty cheap for pure silver. But let me back up a bit. We first stopped in Cuernavaca and saw the first church to stop using Latin and give their services in Spanish so that the people would be able to understand it.

The church has three different styles, can you point them out in the door?

Then it was on to Taxco. Let me tell you, that place is addictive. Pure silver for low prices? The best day ever! I was so happy! It is a town almost stuck in the past. The roads are all cobblestone and very narrow and the whole town is beautifully placed in the mountains.

There are hundreds of platerias around and they all have real silver. The key point to look for is 925 stamped on the piece you are about to buy. If it does not have the stamp somewhere on there, chances are it is not pure silver. But if you end up in this magical little town, you can just ask: “Es plata pura?” and they will show you the stamp. Yes, you can barter in some of the places especially the Tianguis. Definitely a great place to go.

I even managed to buy a gift for my sister. I explained to the shop people that I was buying a gift for my sister and that she is a difficult person. They were very understanding and helpful and in the end, I think I found something good.

This is the guy who found the silver mines

He decided to share his wealth with God and build this church... in 8 years

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