Days 20, 21 & 22

Posted on June 26, 2011


When I came down to Mexico, I really wanted to witness some epic things, and there were some things I thought were awesome such as the Bicentennial of independence, but lucky me, I got to witness some epic things in just one day.

This weekend has been the weekend where I have gotten to experience the loveliness of going out and eating tacos at around 3am in the morning after a long night out and I was loving every moment of it. Never mind the fact that I will probably be returning to the states a lot rounder than when I left, but who really cares? I am in Mexico!

Saturday, we caught wind of the gay parade happening in Mexico DF and of course, we had to go! I wish we had stayed for the end to see what was happening on the stage, but we got to see the parade, and all of the people that showed up to see it happen. I saw a group of people with signs and I thought, here we go again, more Christian haters… but then I actually read the signs. Read it! For those of you who can’t speak Spanish, the sign says: “If you need a hug, we can give you one” Best parade ever.

Second epic moment? Well the Gold Cup finals were US vs Mexico, so we watched that, and what do you know, Mexico won! We all piled on the subway to go to the angel en La Reforma and took part in celebrations.

I don’t have any pictures for today, but I went out with my friend’s cousins to La Ciudadela, an artesenia and walked around, later getting lunch at a seafood place. If you have never had shrimp or octopus tostadas, you are missing out.

Point is, this was an awesome weekend.

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