Days 18 & 19

Posted on June 24, 2011


Nothing too epic in the past few days… I would like to announce that finally after two and a half days, I have finally got my laundry back from the lavanderia. We thought we were going to get our clothes back yesterday, but they ran out of gas to run the dryers so we had one more day of waiting. Lucky me I had exactly one outfit left to wear before I was really in any trouble. Rainy season has finally started here in Mexico, I am walking around with an umbrella in my bag, ready for any sign of sudden downpour.

Yesterday we went to the Jamaica (Ha-MY-Kah) market, which is a huge open air market in the city. It was amazing, I was running around taking pictures like a madman. I slightly feel bad for the person who came with us, because I constantly slipped behind him because I was really distracted and wanted to take pictures of everything.

By the way, CLEANEST open air market I have ever been to. And in our area, Mexico DF has the cleanest subway system I have ever seen in my life.

We got some coconut water and fresh coconut meat from a stand in the market. While I am not a huge fan of coconut water, I am a huge fan of eating coconut. This was delicious.

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