Days 16 & 17

Posted on June 21, 2011


You know the days where nothing goes right, you are not in the mood to do anything, but then things begin to happen that really piss you off? Yeah, that would be my day yesterday. I was running out of cloths, so my roommate and I decided to drop our clothes off before school started at the lavanderia. Lo and behold, the damn thing wasn’t open, so we lugged our cloths to school and decided to drop them off after class. Well, it was closed after class, so we had to lug it all home. Did I mention, the cellphone store was closed too? Yeah I know, I was batting 100.

Sometimes class drives my friend and I to binge... only sometimes... stop judging

Today brought good things. It finally started to rain, which the city desperately needs to help clear some of the smog. Oh, and my laundry was finally dropped off so I can go back to wearing pants in about a day or two. There is a girl here in Mexico that studied in the same program I did last year. She is really awesome, and it turns out we have a few things in common, such as the traveling bug and a sense of wanting to wander to random places. Today we went to Tianguis open market today, it was beautiful and I love it a lot. You could buy 2 Kilos of champagne mangoes for 30 pesos (3 dollars).

We then went to El Parque Chapultepec,a huge park that is broken into three sections. Many things to see and lots of couples making out on benches or on the ground.

We saw this tree on our way out of the park, and both decided that it looks like entangled babies in the bottom, so we made up a little Mexican legend of our own.

There was once a rich and beautiful princess who was in love with a handsome but poor man. Her family did not approve of this of course, and forbid the two to ever see each other again. Distressed, the princess went to a witch doctor who told her that she would get a potion that would transform her and enable her to run away with her lover, but first she had to complete a task for her. At the top of a mountain was a spring of eternal youth, and the princess was to retrieve it for the witch, but she was not allowed to drink from the streams along the way. If she did, she would surely suffer the consequences of the powerful water.

Determined to get the potion, the princess started up the mountain with her own water, however after hours of walking, she ran out. After some more time passed, the princess was starting to get thirsty, but she told herself that she couldn’t because she had not granted the witch’s request. She walked on, but her thirst had gotten the better of her. She knelt down to drink some water form the stream, but unbeknownst to her, her lover had followed her up the mountain. Upon seeing her about to take the water, he jumped out of hiding to try and stop her, but he missed and fell in the stream. Panicked, the princess jumped in to save him, but it was too late. They both turned into babies caught in an embrace, and in their place grew this tree.

The End

My Thoughts on Home:
1. I miss Asian food, especially the rice
2. I want some of the food that my newly domesticated sister can make
3. Did my dad record Swamp People, cause if he didn’t, there will be issues
4. What adventures can I plan do I won’t be bored the rest of the summer
5. Ugh, it’ll be July when I get home meaning only two months till school
6. Is the might ‘rolla back home?
7. I do kinda miss my family
8. When I get back to the states I can watch Hulu again
9. How can I make enough money to fund my adventures for next summer?

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