Days 14 & 15 – Puebla!!!

Posted on June 19, 2011


I think I am in love, and the object of my affection is Puebla, a state in Mexico about 2 hours away from México DF. It really reminds me of Antigua in Guatemala, but perhaps a little bit better? It was an overnight trip, and it was truly not enough.

We made a few stops along the way, our first being at a rest stop to look at the sleeping woman. The story goes that she was in love, but her father did not approve, because the man had no rank. Distressed, the woman went to a shaman and got a potion that put her to into a sleep that made her seem like she was dead. She made sure to tell her family to bury her in the mountains. Her lover came back with a high rank ready to marry her, but was distressed to find her dead, but the shaman told him the truth. The man is waiting with the sleeping woman, waiting for all of the snow to melt so she will wake up and they can get married.

The sleeping woman. There is a small volcano next door which is the man.

After this, we went to the largest base of a pyramid. Now, there is a church built on top of it. Before we walked up, we saw some street vendors selling some random items, one of them being insects. What you see below is what I ate, and I proudly say, it was good! Try one!

Bugs, tasty, tasty bugs

The church was, of course beautiful. We were in the midst of them carrying the Virgin down the hill. Wish I snapped a picture.

Church built on the base of a pyramid

We finally arrived at Puebla, and of course, I fell in love. All of the buildings were bright, and the brick ones had tiles, specific to the state. There was so much to see and do, and you have a feeling of fun and security. We visited some places, such as a church that had a chapel covered with gold leaf, I know, a lot of them are here, but this was gorgeous white with gold accenting it. We stumbled across a wedding as we were leaving. The bride to be was gorgeous, and with a chapel like that, I bet she was ecstatic. The priest yelled at us for taking pictures, but I’m okay with that. The Catholic churches here are gorgeous, and though I feel like I have seen more Catholic churches than the average person ever needs to, they have all been extremely impressive.

Puebla style tiled building

We looked at some markets, I bought a few things. This one guy was impressed because I was talking to him in Spanish, I really think it is a shock to have an asian speaking (basic) Spanish. Later that night we watched a free show that plays every Saturday. It displays different Mexican dances. It was awesome.

Later, we ate dinner outside. There is a square of restaurants that have outside seating. We sat outside and watched the game of Mexico v. Guatemala. Of course, Mexico won. It was a ton of fun. But this is not where the night ends, in fact, it was only the beginning.
There is another student who came with us. She is volunteering for the summer here, and she is extremely nice. We both decided we wanted to go out, so bringing another friend with this, we set out to look for some bars. The first one we ended up at was one of those ones made of seedy goodness. It was dark, smokey, drinks were 2 for 1 and there was some awesome live music playing. After an hour or two, things got way too loud though and we sought out another place to hang out.
The final destination was this bar in the square we ate dinner. We got seats on the (very thin) balcony and then sat drinking and talking as we looked out over the main square (zócalo). It has this white modern art sculpture thing, so of course, on our way home, we had to take some pictures with it. This was an amazing night, and I would totally go back to spend more time in Puebla.

The next morning was not too bad, we looked at a Museum that has a huge timeline of the world and what was going on in each continent. Really awesome. I really think it was that much better just because my history professor is so kick ass. He says fun things like “Look at all those sexy ladies!” (Fertility dolls put in the earth for good harvest). Or “Look at deez mahsks, dey are ahl VERY drahmatical”. You get the point, he is amazing.

In the bathroom, I managed to have the soap dispenser fall on my head getting soap in my hair, which is why i had to pull my bangs back. Yup…

Oldest library in America (both of them)

We had more free time and looked at more markets. There was so much! Handmade/hand pressed journals, jewelry handcrafted, awesome original stuff. I was in love and when we had to leave, it was extremely difficult.

On the way home, we stopped at the site of the Cinco de Mayo battle, and it was amazing. So beautiful. On our way on the bus, we bought some nieve (sherbet). Our ride back sucked though, because I managed to spill my nieve all over me (score two of the day) and I was trying to sleep, but I was in the back of the van. In case you don’t know, Mexico DF is built on top of a lake, so the soil is soft and the ground sinks, so we went over a lot of bumps. Several times, I though my history teacher had killed someone on the way home. It was a disaster. Overall, I had an amazing trip to Puebla and I hope to go back soon.

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