Day 11

Posted on June 16, 2011


Today was slightly rough, because I was not feeling well at all, and luckily for me, it hit right as we were finishing the tour of Frida Kahlo’s house. Luckily, I am not dying and will not be stuck in bed for the coming days. I did get so see some awesome things today though.

I love Frida Kahlo, because she really liked to push the envelope, and she is known for expressing women’s emotions. If you haven’t seen the video about her life yet, then you should totally check it out. It explains a lot about some of her paintings. These are some of my favorites.

Made after she caught Diego Rivera having an affair with her sister

Because of an accident, Frida was unable to have what she wanted most in the world: a child

It was amazing to visit her house and see her work, of you ever come to Mexico, specifically Coyoacán, you should pay a visit to her house.

We also stopped in a church today and saw a statue dedicated to St. Jean Baptist de La Salle.

Mexican Starbucks... basically really good coffee

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