Days 9 & 10

Posted on June 15, 2011


Not much to report.
More Spanish, and more learning about the culture. Yesterday we learned about the Mexican political system, a very complex and interesting topic. I don’t think I will ever completely understand it. Mexico’s history is so different from ours, not only because of the cultures and people, but because of how both of the countries were formed. It really makes your head spin sometimes trying to keep the facts straight.
I also learned how to use the laundromat yesterday. I am the only one who speaks Spanish, so the lady stared at me as I fumbled with my words in inquiring about pricing and how the laundry service works. Luckily she was very nice and understanding. I really liked her a lot and admired her patience with me. It turns out that you can actually pay her to do the whole process for you. Too bad I didn’t figure that out until after we did our laundry. It was a good adventure anyways.
Today we had a dance class. I didn’t completely suck, and then me and the other girls in the program went for ice cream at Roxxy’s, because we were all dying of heat. On our way there, we met this lady who teaches english during the school year here in Mexico, she offered to show us around if we ever need a tour guide. It was pretty awesome.

Our days are really busy, and it feels like it is passing quickly, and I am experiencing so much, but so little all at the same time.

The more time I am spending in Mexico DF, the more appreciation I am gaining for people who move to the States. Here, I am barely getting by on my Spanish, and it gets really frustrating at times, because I don’t know certain words or phrases. Luckily sometimes people realize I speak English and then find a server who knows English as their second language to better serve me and make it easier. You really can’t find that type of thing in the United States. Most people just give a dirty look and then say that people should learn to speak English before they decide to live in our country. I can only imagine what it is like to go to another country (especially ours) without any knowledge of the language and then try to live there. It must be a nightmare.

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