Waiting at the Airport

Posted on May 26, 2011


Is not a whole lot of fun. Especially when you have over 5 hours to kill. This has been realized in my 5.5 hours of sitting around waiting for my group to get here so we can check our bags and catch our 530am flight. Such ideas are heinous to me. Who takes off at 530 in the morning? Oh, wait, I do.
I have brought some things to keep me busy in my time of need though.

Rosie’s List of Necessary Stuff:
1. A good book that you actually want to read. Not a it looks okay, or I might be so bored I will have to read it, an honest to God good book. We are trying to quickly pass time, not make it slower.

2. Snacks. Need I say more? You get hungry and airport snacks cost a lot of money.

3. Ipod or other musical device. Because sometimes the buzzings of the lights get on your nerves.

4. A phone, so you can harass your friends and family via text message.

5. A pillow. Because sometimes you want to take a nap.

6. A laptop, but only if you’re able. It would be a dumb idea to take one to a place where I won’t have service.

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