An Adventure to Martha’s Vineyard

Posted on May 13, 2011


Before I embark on an international adventures for the summer, I decided to take a journey to a place in the states that I had never visited before. Growing up, a lot of people at my school would jet off to Martha’s Vineyard in the summer, a world I was never really a part of.

Leaving for the Island by Ferry

I decided to make a trip up to the island and see what was going on. My sister came with me, and we had some good times. The first thing that one should know, is that it is not ideal to visit the Vineyard in early May. It was pretty cold, and we were not as prepared as we should have been. The day we arrived and the day that we left had similar weather. Cold, misting, frigid wind and very very cloudy skies. It probably wouldn’t have been so bad except neither of us was completely and properly bundled, my sister worse off than I was due to the fact that all she had managed to bring was a cardigan.

Upon arriving, we dropped our bags at the inn we were staying at. It is a quaint inn located in Oaks Bluff and even more conveniently located close to the bus stop. The inn has really nice accommodations and it also has some really great rates especially in the off-season.

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Two nights mid-week in off season only cost about $99 a night, which is pretty much unheard of. The people at the front desk were extremely nice and helpful. They suggested great places for us to eat and helped us navigate bus routes. We were starving upon arrival, so they helped us find a Thai restaurant conveniently called Thai Cuisine. The food was delicious and reasonably priced.

On our way there, we got to visit the stores along the way. We quickly discovered the advantages to visiting the Vineyard in the off-season. Everything is on sale! It is absolutely amazing. Every store had multiple items on sale, and it was ours for the taking (too bad we are both pretty broke). There is a candy shop in Oaks Bluff that sells fudge (which is delicious). If memory serves me, it’s called something like The Good Ship Lollipop or something like that. They sell handmade chocolates and are extremely nice (a running theme in this area). We were told that the best time to come in the off-season is around October. The weather is a lot nicer around that time of the year, maybe we will come back around that time.

One great place that we ate is called A Slice of Life. If anyone is looking for a great lunch, please go there and order the BLT with green tomatoes. It was to die for, and  the slaw was near perfect. Not too much mayonnaise and a lot of freshness. The service was amazing. The woman who served us was extremely nice.


The Prized Sandwich

Chicken Pesto Salad

We visited a lot of other places such as Amity Custom Ink (to get my tattoo fixed.) and the Lure Grill (stop over there and get food, the food for this season was SO good! If it were appropriate I would have photographed some food for you to see). All in all, we had a lot of fun, despite the fact that there was some poor weather. On the other hand, we met some cool people, ate some great food and had a good time.

Some Advice:

– Go on the off-season (preferably in the fall)

– Eat at a lot of cool places

– Buy some fudge and enjoy

– Talk to the taxi drivers, they’re really nice

– Walk around and visit each town (regrettably I didn’t get to see everything)

– Take a ton of pictures and have fun!!

Goodbye and Til Next Time!